11.82ct teal tourmaline set in hand-fabricated 18k white gold. 

Asking price: $3,500.

Watermelon rubellite tourmaline crystal set in 

hand-fabricated 18k white gold with a matching faceted rubellite tourmaline.

Asking price: $2,900

(Images above of past works and are NFS)

(Images below are currently available)

Current Available Inventory

Custom Jewelry Fabrication and Design

Most of our creations find home faster than we can upload them to the website.  Although we do our best to update the site frequently, to stay informed on a day-to-day basis, please follow us on Instagram:@bharjujewelry

3ct Pastel Pyrope color shift garnet

set in hand-fabricated antiqued 18k rose gold

with a gorgeous Nigerian rubellite tourmaline.

Asking price: $6,500

Russian bi-color tourmaline set in

hand-fabricated 18k white gold with 

cognac diamonds.

Asking price: $2,700