~Although B. Harju Jewelry specializes in jewelry design and fabrication, I like to think of creation in terms of all media.  To others, the sky is the limit. To me, the sky is limitless.  I believe it is an innate desire for humans to create.  There are those who create nurturing environments for children to grow. Others create skyscrapers for us to work in and enjoy staring at. I create wearable art.  I don't make jewelry as a political statement.  I don't make jewelry as a message to the people.  I make jewelry because it is what I love to do. I only hope that you are able to enjoy looking at and wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoyed creating it. ~

we believe JEWELRY SHOULD BE UNIQUE, Expertly crafted and amazing.

Professional Skills

Custom Jewelry Fabrication and Design


~Lost wax casting/carving~
~CAD Design~
~Stone setting~
~Traditional Soldering and Laser weld use~
~Specialize in pendants and rings~


~Created custom jewelry for multiple celebrities and CEOs

~2012 Idaho Gem Society Project of the Year winner

~2015 Best of Boise 2nd Place Jewelry Maker Category

~Featured on ArtsyShark

~2015 Innovative Faceting Category 2nd place won by Dalan Hargrave, winning gemstone cut from our tourmaline facet rough