I create jewelry because I can't see myself doing anything else as a passion as well as a profession.  I go to sleep designing my next idea in my head.  When I wake up, my hands continue the process my mind began the night before.  When I am away from the bench, I am thinking about what I want to make next.  When I am at the bench, I am focused and dedicated to what is in front of me.  

If I am not pushing myself with every creation, learning with every creation, attempting to perfect with every creation, I am not satisfied.  Through progress and growth, I find happiness in my work.  It is my hope that you find happiness in my work as well. 


~Lost wax casting/carving~
~CAD Design~
~Stone setting~
~Traditional Soldering and Laser weld use~
~Specialize in pendants and rings~

Professional Skills


~Created custom jewelry for multiple celebrities and CEOs

~2012 Idaho Gem Society Project of the Year winner

~2015 Best of Boise 2nd Place Jewelry Maker Category

~Featured on ArtsyShark

~2015 Innovative Faceting Category 2nd place won by Dalan Hargrave, winning gemstone cut from our tourmaline facet rough

I believe JEWELRY SHOULD BE UNIQUE, Expertly crafted and amazing.

Custom Jewelry Fabrication and Design